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"I was lucky enough to work with Sarah closely for two years as I was stepping into the biggest role of my career at the time as a VP overseeing an organization of over 350 people. This was a tough transition for me, as I had to learn on the job and very quickly - I would have likely quit if it weren't for Sarah's support. 

She helped me overcome my many insecurities and build up my confidence, while also guiding me through very challenging and emotionally charged situations, many of which I was facing for the first time. 

I could not even begin to express my gratitude for what she's done for me, for her no-nonsense approach, common sense, patience and kindness, sense of humor and genuine curiosity, and very high standards. I cannot overstate the impact she's had on my professional and personal development - I've learned so much during our coaching engagement. If you have the opportunity to work with her, don't even think about it, just do it - you'll thank me later."

Oksana Kubushyna / VP, Entertainment Operations / Riot Games

"Sarah is able to glean incredible insights quickly and convey those insights in ways that drive self-reflection and desire to tackle opportunities. My team and I learned a great deal from our engagement with Sea Change Leadership and are excited to put our learnings into practice."

Tooey Courtemanche / CEO / Procore Technologies

"Sarah initially joined to help us build out our HRBP function, and ultimately ended up running our entire HR department. She was essential to helping us to hyper-scale and was a great thought partner to me and the executive team in the process. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone and hope we will get to work together again in the future."

Christopher Hopper / CEO & Co-Founder / Aurora Solar

"Sarah is an incredible coach. She has a bottomless bag of tips and tricks to help solve the most complex of leadership challenges. But also provides a critical perspective on the power of active leadership and the ways it can transform an organization."

Maximilian Kislevitz / Co-Founder / Bala

“Sarah and I worked together supporting both a Business Unit and Department that had experienced sustained double-digit growth. The rapid scale presented a number of challenges in leadership, process, team structure, and culture.

Sarah has always impressed me with her ability to quickly build relationships, diagnose root causes, bring really valuable insights, and help drive positive change. She quickly became a strategic advisor for me and my entire leadership team, as well as someone who would offer sound advice and coaching to me directly.

Since then, she’s become the model for what I look for in a strategic HR leader; I wish there were more people like Sarah out there. I would gladly work with her again on people, leadership, and organizational challenges of any size and complexity."

Mike Seavers / VP, Development / Epic Games

“Sarah was an amazing talent partner for the Tech Org at Riot Games. During periods of significant growth and change, it is always an advantage to have top-tier, experienced HR guidance. Simply put, Sarah transformed how we approached HR, as well as serving as a fantastic mentor and executive coach. Her approach to people management is something I have learned from and applied with success at Netflix. If you are looking to make large and meaningful improvements to your team, company, or just yourself, I highly recommend reaching out.”

Mick Dreeling / Engineering Director / Netflix

"What I appreciate most about working with Sarah is her ability to build strategic partnerships with leaders. She’s able to solve complex organizational problems by meeting the company and its leaders where they are, focusing on where they want to get to, and delivering solutions to help them grow. After almost 10 years of working with Sarah I can confidently say she’s an invaluable asset."

Traci Jackson / VP, People / Procore Technologies

"Working with Sarah helped me overcome a lot of my leadership hurdles. I truly value my time with Sarah and am a better leader as a result." 

Co-Founder / E-Commerce Start Up

"Sarah is a thoughtful and supportive coach who is skilled at helping people capitalize on their strengths. Working with Sarah gave me greater insight into how I could reframe situations in order to achieve better outcomes, and I’ve grown in confidence as a leader through my work with her."

Janet Brunckhorst / Product Director / Aurora Solar

"I've been working with Sarah for a number of years and her coaching has made a huge impact on both my career and life. When I was taking on my first executive leadership role she was instrumental in helping me get in touch with my strengths and gain confidence. When that role revealed new growth opportunities, it was helping me learn to sit in discomfort and observe my feelings rather than give in to my action-oriented impulses. When that role no longer provided my growth and joy, she helped me sort out my own feelings about it, recognize what I wanted to be doing, and helped me target opportunities in my sweet spot. All through it, she's always been there for me regardless of the hour or the issue, which I appreciate to no end. Having Sarah in your corner is the best thing a leader can do to invest in themselves, their happiness, and their own self-improvement."

Zach Blitz / Sr Director, Technology / Epic Games

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